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Tap Truck Services

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Packages & Pricing

Tap Truck Services

Let’s Get you dialed
Tap Truck Mid-Ohio is going to keep the most stressful things simple for you… pricing.

We offer one service and it includes the works.  You’ll get:

“Jenny” the Truck, beverage delivery, a Logo Serving Bar, Cups, Ice, Napkins, Water Station and essential garnishes based on beverage selection.  Pricing ranges from $8-$15/person based on Tap Truck Experience. 6 hours max.  Additional bartenders and hours available for an extra fee and recommended based on guest quantity.

We offer 4 different styles of Tap Truck experiences based on our 4 kids personalities: 

Service Packages

The Addison

This is your a la carte aka the add-on experience.  This is your custom experience.  If you build it, they will party.

The Ellie

Elephant in the room – We like beer!  No need to talk about it, just pour me a drink. 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 taps for our beer lovers.  Domestic, Import and Local.  Whatever you desire, we will try our best to get what you want. We can even add a non-alcoholic option.  Maybe some electrolytes.

The Lola

“she was a showgirl, with yellow feathers in her hair”.  The Lola experience will be a showy one.  Beautiful garnishes and unique tastes. Maybe only one beer on tap and 3 custom cocktails dazzled up for the party.

The Alice

She’s drama free.  Keep it basic.  Few beers, a custom cocktail.  This gathering is a low key experience.


The Tap Tower is a very simple rental system.  Tap Truck Mid Ohio will deliver, set up and pick up the Tap Tower from your event.  It’s perfect for smaller gatherings, customer appreciation events or events that might not need “The Works”.   We will provide and deliver 2, 5 gallon kegs of your favorite beverages, hook them up, and get the drinks flowing.  Tap Truck will always be available to help out.  Independent Tap Tower Rental as described above is $500.

This is also great add-on to your large event too.  We can tap a coffee bar (hot or cold), Nitro Cold Brew, water station, non-alcoholic options, wine bar, mimosas… the list goes on and on.

Add-on for your Tap Truck event is $200.


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Let us help guide you!

We will help determine how much beverage you need depending on your event! We may even make suggestions if you need a new favorite! Looking for something special? Let us know. We can customize anything to fit almost any budget!

All alcohol is sold at distributor pricing. Per Ohio Law, we cannot SELL alcohol, unless you are a non for profit and have secured an appropriate Ohio permit.